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Ulrich Natural Liquid detergent for Wool and Silk 500 ml

Ulrich Natürlich
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Ecological natural detergent for wool, silk and lambskin products. No petrochemicals. Contains only renewable, biodegradable ingredients that care gently for your clothes. Suitable for Vegans. Natural lactic acid prevents limescale to stratify.

Usage instructions are as follows:
Use 20ml (about 2/3 of a cap) per 2.5kg dry washing. Please follow washing instructions on the garment

Ingredients in accordance with the EU Regulation 648/2004:

15% non-ionic tensides*

<15% anionic surfactants*

PEG 75 lanolin, lactic acid, and water.

* The surfactants of vegetable origin.

Made in Germany


Ulrich natural cleaning and care products are highly concentrated, economical in use and exceptionally efficient.

ULRICH cleaning and care products are made from highest quality renewable resources. They do not contain any phosphates, petroleum derivatives, enzymes, bleaches, artificial fragrances or colors, aggressive acids, preservatives, chlorine or amoniac and are biologically decomposable.

ULRICH cleaning and care products correspond with the directives of the German Animal Protection Agency. ULRICH means that we offer products that are gentle to the skin and the environment. For many years we have concentrated our research on creating products which we, with a clear conscience, can use in our own families. This philosophy is the base for our detergents and cleaners, decalcifiers, textile, leather and wood care products.

Last but not least:
ULRICH assures our customers that they are using products made by a company which is open minded, concerned about environmental issues, and welcomes to any comments and recommendations our customers might have.

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