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Hirsch Natur Socks Norwegian Patterns, organic wool

Classic Norwegian Patterns not only in classical Colours, but also in modern and fresh Combinations

Material: 100 % organic wool

Care: Handwash at 30°.>


In 1928 the restaurant owner and trade representative Franz Kloppenborg founded at Laer, close to Münster in Westphalia, a hosiery knitting mill. The first Machines were placed in the Restaurants Ballroom which was seldom used at that time. In former times Hirsch Natur produced mainly (solid) working socks. In the 80´s of the last century they started with a Natural Textile Collection, which has had a permanent growth since then and become more and more important to Hirsch Natur. Hirsch Natur has been a member of the natural textile scene since its beginning and have accompanied its development as a founder and member of the International Association of Natural Textile (IVN). The factory is certified to produce according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and to the highest global Standard for natural Textiles “IVN-Best”and is controlled every year by a an independent Certifier(presently IMO/Switzerland)

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