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Pickapooh hat SCHLUPPER, organic merino wool & silk

Schlupper, the perfect classic hat for children and adults. The wool / silk regulates temperature. Up to size 50 with binding tape.

Material: 70 % organic merino wool, 30 % silk
Merino virgin wool/silk blends regulate warmth and humidity and support a healthy skin climate. Our clothes consist of 70 % organic merino virgin wool and 30 % silk. The proportion of blending appropriately accentuates the characteristics of the constituent fibres and provides a comfortable and long-lasting wear experience. This is the reason why we call clothes from merino virgin wool/silk our “nothing-can-top-underwear”.

Care: Handwash or machine wash at 30°.
Underwear from wool and wool/silk should be washed by hand with a wool detergent. Please do not soak, rub, wring or toss your underwear in water. It is important that the washing and the rinsing water have the same temperature that wool does not suffer a cold shock which causes felting. After washing wrap the underwear in a towel, wring and pull it in form and let it dry.


Ausgezeichnet mit dem Qualitätszeichen NATURTEXTIL – IVN ZERTIFIZIERT BEST


PICKAPOOH stands for ecological, fashionable and high-quality hats, which are gladly worn by children because of their great fit. Naturally „Made in Germany“. Since 1991 PICKAPOOH is specialised in design and production of hats for children. As a manufacturer of hats, PICKAPOOH solely works with natural fabrics since 1998. All items are “Made in Germany”! .

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